How to Order a Thanksgiving Turkey

For new customers not familiar with our outdated website, thank you for getting this far! We promise we are working on a new system that will work much better but are still several months out from it launching.

To order a turkey for thanksgiving you just have to choose a turkey size you want and put it in your cart and go through our check out process. Please ignore dates and delivery fees on turkey deposit orders. We will adjust that on our side after you place your order.

We will call you to take a credit card over the phone for your 10 dollar deposit per bird. If you order your turkey deposit with another order for delivery we will take payment when we drop off your order. If you are ordering other products to come with your turkey and do not want them delivered right away please let us know in the comments.

Your turkeys will be delivered Monday 11/20 or Tuesday 11/21 before thanksgiving. Wednesday is our overflow day if necessary.

We will touch base with you the week before thanksgiving to set up your delivery. Deposit is refundable up until Friday November 10th. TURKEYS DO NOT QUALIFY FOR BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS.

We can not guarantee a specific size but promise to keep it within a couple pounds, please put any special instructions in the order notes. Please note that all TJ’s Turkeys left in stock may be missing wing tips or part of the wings, order a Non GMO turkey from Roman Miller if you want all the parts.

Our turkeys are Broad breasted white turkeys that give large portions of breast meat like store bought, but a better texture and flavor due to being raised outdoors. As they are pasture fed, never fed hormones or antibiotics, NEVER fed animal bi products or fillers, these are really 100% outdoor raised turkeys!


If you have any questions please call Laura at 708-606-4223 between 10am and 8pm or email us at

PICK UP OPTIONS – Updated 6-1-17


1125 Paramount Parkway, Unit H, Batavia


Pick up times at our warehouse are available Wednesday through Saturday by appointment only.

We have a new feature that will allow you to place your order for pickup, currently it only gives Wednesday as an option, we are working on this bug and will hopefully list Thursday, Friday, and Saturday soon. If you want to pick up on a day other than Wednesday, just specify what day in the comments and Laura will be in touch to arrange a time for you to pick up!

Please place your pick up orders by 5pm THE DAY BEFORE your desired pick up

2017 Market Schedule 


Wheaton French Market

Open Saturday April 15th to November 11th

We will be there every Saturday from 8am to 2pm

The Market is located in Municipal Parking Lot 3, Main Street and Liberty St.

Our tent is located at the northwest corner of the market on Cross Street and the Railroad Tracks.

We will have a limited menu available for purchase at the market that can change weekly by availability. Online Orders always get first priority over markets. If you want to make sure you have your favorites, don’t forget to place an order online for pickup at the market.


Steve has decided to take Sundays off to spend more time with his family and will not be returning to Geneva this year. You may see him or one of our helpers at a market here or there over the summer, but nothing on a regular basis. Please click here to sign up for our newsletter to learn where we will be each weekend.

Response to Customer regarding Frozen Products

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your business and giving me a chance to explain our procedures and practices when it comes to these dates.
We buy the Beeler’s products in bulk and many of them we don’t sell enough of to keep them fresh and sell them by the dates labeled on the product. It is our practice to freeze these items in our commercial flash freezer while the products are still very fresh. It is our practice to freeze these products between 2 and 6 weeks BEFORE the freeze by dates.
Please note that their label states “use or freeze by date ______”. These are not expiration dates.
Once frozen and stored in our commercial freezers at temps ranging from -20 to -30 degrees these items will stay fresh for up to a year. Honestly much longer than that, but our practice is that we won’t sell an item past a year old, and we will put them on sale and get rid of them around 8 to 10 months if they are still in our inventory.
This is a common practice in the food industry and you might be surprised to find how old many of the frozen products are sold at your average grocery store. The primary difference between us and them, is our honesty and the way we present our products. We do not change the dates or hide this information from our customers, so you always know what you are getting. Most of the Beeler’s items have between 4 to 6 week shelf life fresh. So if you subtract 4 to 6 weeks from the freeze by date, that is the date the product was produced. You can use this information to make sure you are getting fresh product from us. Properly Frozen and stored pork products have at least a 12 month shelf life in the freezer. All the products we sell should stay fresh for at least a week or more after being thawed if the seal is intact, possibly less time once the package is opened or exposed to oxygen. Please keep in mind that all of our products are free from the nitrates and preservatives that extend the shelf life of other meats in the fridge.
If for any reason you are not happy with the quality of the product, frozen or otherwise please let us know. We will always replace it or offer you credit towards another product. We only sell the best and will always guarantee the products we represent to meet our high standards.
I hope my explanations are sufficient for you to feel comfortable purchasing from us again. I wish I had enough volume to turn all of my inventory fast enough that we didn’t have to freeze product. Unfortunately it is the only way we have been able to devise that enables us to carry the selection and variety we offer to our clients.
Please let me know if you have any questions or need further explanation of our practices, and if you require any refunds or credits.
Most Sincerely,
Steve Spoerl
Farm Fresh Foodstuffs

New Lower Delivery Fees for our Top Zip Codes

Our Free Delivery promotion on orders over $50 was so popular that we have decided to make it a permanent offering to our top 20 producing zip codes. If you live in one of the zip codes below, you can now get free delivery to your home or office with a $50 purchase. 

NEW Minimums for our top 20 zip codes

60137, 60187, 60185, 60647, 60190, 60174, 60089, 60189, 60510, 60188

60622, 60148, 60139, 60613, 60657, 60133, 60654, 60175, 60004, 60555

Now receive free delivery with a $50 purchase all year!

New Delivery Zones & Lower Delivery Fees

NEW Delivery days by geographic area

City of Chicago – Saturday Delivery

South & Southwest Suburbs – Saturday Delivery

North & Northwest Suburbs – Saturday Delivery

Western Suburbs – Wed, Thurs, Fri, & Saturday Delivery Options!


Order Minimums & Delivery Fees

Free Delivery Still Starts at $60 for most Western Suburbs.

Free Delivery Starts at $80 for City of Chicago, North, NW, and Southern Suburbs.

All zip codes now have lower delivery fees and more options for orders that do not meet our minimums for free delivery.

Your minimum order for free delivery is based on your geographic location and the volume of business we do in your zip code. Zip codes we do a lot of business in will not see an increase to their order minimum.

All zip codes now have lower delivery fees for medium sized orders that come close but don’t hit our minimums.

Click Here to Look Up Your Zip Code

If you zip code is not listed and you live in the Chicago Suburbs, please send an email to with your address and we will let you know what the minimum would be to receive free delivery to your area. We always make exceptions for customers that want to work with us.

These changes are effective 11/30/15. Remember we are a small operation and we make mistakes in our delivery run files from time to time. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you feel we made a mistake, we appreciate every opportunity to serve our customers!

Old Heritage Grass Fed Low Temp Milk.

This post explains what makes our Old Heritage Milk so spectacular and different from other diary products. If you haven’t tried this stuff you are missing out. This is what milk used to be!

The Milk is produced at Rockhome Gardens dairy plant in Arthur IL and can be viewed by the public behind glass, very cool, very new and clean facility. The milk comes from cows that are raised right down the road and the milk is actually transported by a stainless steal horse drawn milk trailer from the farm to the dairy plant. The milk comes from 20 Jersey Cows on 1 single farm. They are 100% Grass Fed, totally grain free, they receive a molasses supplement instead of grain to keep production up. Since Molasses is made from a grass plant and not a grain plant it is the standard supplement for all 100% Grass Fed Dairy operations. In 8 years of searching I have never found a 100% grass fed milk operation that wasn’t using something as a supplement.

The milk is never homogenized and never separated. Non homogenized means the milk will still separate also called “cream line milk”. Most dairies will separate the cream and milk in order to make different types of milk, skim, 1%, 2%, & Whole Milks. Since Old Heritage milk is not separated, many times you get a much higher cream content than other whole milks, you will taste the difference.

The other big thing is the low temp pasteurization. Most big plants do continuous pasteurization that heats the milk to at least 163 degrees or more for 15 or more seconds. Old Heritage milk is only heated to 145 degrees for 30 minutes and is made is small batches and meticulously monitored for safety.

I believe that should do it for all the benefits of Old Heritage Cream.

Please let me know if anyone has any other questions & Thank you!

Pasture Raised Chicken and Costs Associated

Poultry raised outdoors costs more than indoor chicken, even organic. You will find organic chicken for less in the stores but please keep in mind that certified organic chicken only guarantees you 0.6 square feet per bird and organic feed in an organic feed lot. Organic does not mean that the chicken is allowed to go outside or even see natural sunlight. They can be packed into a certified organic feed lot and still be sold as free range organic chicken by law.
One fact that is hard for customers new to eating pasture raised meats is getting over the fact that poultry is not the cheapest and leanest meat any more. That fact only holds true when comparing indoor feed lot meat products. Poultry raised on pasture has a much bigger price gap than beef or pork raised on pasture. Our whole birds sell for $5 per lb and prices go up from there. If you think back to when your parents or grandparents were younger chicken was the Sunday night feast or special meal. It was because of how expensive young fresh chicken was. It wasn’t until we converted most meat operations to indoor confined feeding operations that chicken became so much cheaper and beef and pork started becoming so bad for us. Beef and pork raised on pasture is actually better for you, less fat and cholesterol, than chicken.

Farm Fresh Pricing vs Competition. What are you paying for?

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I get it all the time from customers. They tell me they can find organic products elsewhere for less. This post is aimed at explaining some of these price differences as well as possible price increases coming down the road this year.

There are many organic products that I could carry at significantly lower prices. However when it comes to dairy, eggs, and meat, there are lots of organic products out there that are very poorly represented in my opinion and I personally would have a hard time selling and still feel good about what I do. Organic meat, egg, and dairy standards are much lower than the standards I hold my suppliers too. I will only carry the best and sell products that are honestly represented and marketed. 

I have had customers point out that they can buy items like syrup, sugar, hamburger, and honey direct from local farmers for less than what I charge. That is because many of these farmers sell off their farms at same prices that I buy at. I don’t want to beat up my farmers, I believe they have as much of a right to earn a living as I do and if that is what they charge and I can’t find better for less nearby I generally pay their price. Anyone that is willing can by-pass my service and go straight to my suppliers and buy in bulk will be able to buy at more affordable prices. However they will have to pay those bulk bills, transport the products themselves, and manage all the different relationships themselves. I can’t tell you how many hours I spend every week working on inventory, bills, ordering, and all the tasks necessary to keep so many amazing local foodstuffs in stock.

I see the developing local food coops, delivery services, expansion of farmers markets, and other type of CSA operations popping up all over the place as a very positive thing. I think they are all great and am happy to see them develop. I think the more people learn about their food and where it comes from the better. I value this competition because we are all spreading the same basic message. Also as more people are demanding these types of products the more we will see prices drop over all as supply increases.

Will you pay more a little more from me than buying direct from my suppliers in bulk or joining a local coop, absolutely! However you should find my prices fair and comparable to what you pay at the big box stores, especially if you consider your time, the gas, and impulse purchases at these stores. If anyone wants to do all the work that I do to bring these types of products into their home, please more power to them. That was a big reason why I got started in this business, my family and I eat very well :-) When you join a local coop most will required you to donate X number of hours a week to the coop or pay a fee to buy someone else’s time. So you may save some money but you must still do more work. When you spend hours and fuel driving to a farm to make a pick up there is a cost associated with that. The point here is that yes you can save money elsewhere but you will have to spend more time or effort in other ways. When you buy from us we don’t require any contracts, you don’t have to order again, you don’t have to pay a membership fee, and if you meet our minimums and live in our delivery areas, we don’t charge for shipping!

I work hard to price myself out against my competition and the big box retailers like Whole F and Trader J. I do my very best to stay competitive on my prices. If you see a product that I carry priced higher than what you find elsewhere it is only because it costs me more to get it. As my volume increases so does my buying power and ability to lower prices. Overall my retails have come down more in the last 5 years than they have gone up.

That being said you will probably see some of my prices increase this year. We are seeing price increases across the board. Some due to the extreme weather, cold this winter and drought 2 summers ago. Some from change in season, as apples become scarcer, prices will increase until there are no more left for this season. Government regulations continue to increase and impose more costs on our businesses, fuel, commodities, distributors and producers, all these costs get passed onto the retail customer.

You might even see my prices increase slightly faster than the prices at the register of your local big box retailers. Due primarily to my size I don’t have the buying power or inventory levels that these larger companies have to moderate some of these changes. You may see my prices go up faster than my big box competition, but I promise if my prices go down, you will see my prices go down much faster than theirs too! If my prices are going up, it is not because I wanted to raise them, it is because our costs are going up.

I promise to my customers that I will operate my business in a fair and ethical manner. I will continue to operate this business using free market principals as long as I am free to do so. I try my best to get the lowest price I can for the highest quality products available. I promise not to put price before quality and would rather be out of stock on an item than to pass another product on as a substitute if the quality is not the same. I promise to never stop learning and continue to innovate, creating new distribution channels for our amazing products and to get them to our customer’s doors at the lowest price possible. I want my customers to be able to order from us and know that they are getting the most honest and highest quality foodstuffs available on the market today!

When you buy food from us I want you to know where it comes from, who made it or grew it, and be able to pronounce what is in it!

Happy Thursday! Steve

Welcome to My Blog

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Hey All, Happy Thursday!

My name is Steve Spoerl Jr, and I hope you find this blog useful and educational. My wife Jennifer and I are independent licensed food brokers by the State of Illinois and we work for our God, our customer, and our family, no one else! Our promise to our customers is that everything we sell is traceable to the person or farm that made it or grew it and you can pronounce all of our ingredient labels. We operate a home delivery company specializing in local traceable foodstuffs, you can see our product selection and shop on our website

It all started back in 2007 when Jennifer and I were dating, I started working for a friend of mine that was selling meat and cheese at farmers markets. The next summer Jennifer and I bought and fixed up an old trailer we could pull with our SUV and found an old freezer on craigslist for 50 bucks and started doing our own markets still working for our friend Steve. In the fall of 2009 I was laid off from my corporate sales job in custom picture framing and art preservation and couldn’t find another salary position, just commission only job offers. We decided that I was pretty good at sales and could do commission only on our own. Now many years later we couldn’t be happier with the decision. We feel blessed to have fallen into this industry so early on. We have learned so much about our food, how is is grown, processed, and distributed to consumers. It is because of what we have learned that has changed how we eat and shop, and it is our hope that our business will help others on this path to learning where their food is coming from, who is making or growing it, and what is in it.

Our goal is true transparency in our products, no private labels, really traceable! Traceable to us means we know where the product was grown, who was involved in processing it, knowing that these things were done in responsible and human ways, and that our customers can have access to this information. Organic is great but there are so many organic products that we will not sell because they don’t meet our criteria. Especially true in meats, dairy, and eggs. Organic doesn’t guarantee outdoor access or pasture raised, all of the meats dairy and eggs we sell come from animals that have real honest open access to the outdoors or on pasture for the majority of their lives, not just “free range” in a barn. We support farmers using non GMO feeds to raise their animals when ever absolutely possible. We try to only sell produce and products that do not contain GMO ingredients. Nothing we sell contains any preservatives, artificial nitrates, additives, or animal by products. Our meats are never enhanced or processed in a factory setting. All of our products are artisan quality, produced in small batches compared to commercial alternatives, locally produced, and you will taste the difference, we guarantee it!