Ground Elk - 100% Grass Fed & Wild Finished - All Natural - 1lb

Ground Elk sourced through Northstar Bison. This is not raised on their farm but on other local farms they know and trust. They assure me this is good hormone and antibiotic free Elk farm raised outdoors on natural feeds in MN or WI. 1lb package This is hands down the highest quality local product available, period! 100% grass fed and wild finished on large game reserves in northern WI & MN. Northstar Bison is owned and operated by the Graese family which is a small family operation that has been around for 30 years. We love this stuff for several reasons. One is they own and operate their own processing facility and take great pride in their work, and you won't find a more consistent product from anyone. Another thing we love about these guys is they utilize a field kill when they process their bison & Elk. This means the animals never have to travel in a trailer to be processed. Being put down in their natural environment is not just more humane, but it provides a sweeter and more tender flavor than you will find with other processors that have to force their animals to travel. No additives, no preservatives, super fresh.

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