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Eggs - 1 Dozen Large - Milos Certified Organic - Free Range

1 Dozen Grade A Large Eggs from Milo's Organic Amish Farms. Milo has about 5 farms that work with him to produce all his eggs. The birds are in barns but they make every attempt to turn the birds out onto rotated pasture when the weather allows, when confined to the barn the chickens are given 2 to 3 square feet per bird. Milo's have been ranked a 4 out of 5 eggs by Raised in Northeastern WI and always fed a certified organic feed they are guaranteed to be NON GMO. You will find many different colors of eggs in these cartons from the many different breads Milo raises. Milo buys his pullets and they come with beaks trimmed. He has noticed that beak trimmed birds eat better, because intact beaked birds will sort out the larger pieces from the feed and leave the fines behind, which contain most of the nutrients, beak trimmed bird eat it all together. Beak trimmed birds can still catch bugs, they scratch with their claws to dig up dirt. Beaked birds peck at each other in the winter when they are cooped up, injuring and sometimes killing other birds

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