Milk - Whole - 100% Grass Fed - Low Temp - OH - Half Gallon

This is the closest to raw Milk I can sell you legally in the state of Illinois. Made from the milk of 100% Grass Fed cows off one small farm of only about 20 or so cows in Arthur IL, you will taste the difference in this stuff!!!! The mission at Old Heritage Creamery is to provide healthy, all natural products from grass fed animals. They do not separate their milk which provides the full benefit of all vitamins naturally contained in whole milk. As a result, they do not add more vitamin D to their milk. They do not homogenize their milk because that process negatively alters the fat contents of the whole milk. They low temp pasteurize their milk at 145 degrees F for thirty minutes to maintain as many of the natural qualities of the whole milk as possible. Most dairies use high temp short time (HTST) pasteurization which is 180 degrees for 2 minutes which negatively effects the quality of the whole milk.
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